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The ARKIS CCA clubs allow students to broaden their lens of understanding by letting them apply skills and strategies from their lessons to different contexts of authentic and real-world connections. These activities assist students to discover their skills and shortcomings while bonding with one another, working as a team, and relieving stress.


  • Learn and apply the different types of vocal techniques and exercises (breath control, lip bubble, humming etc).
  • Learn and practice different styles of songs.


  • Learn and master the basic gymnastic skills(forward roll, handstand, split etc).
  • Move onto more complicated stunts.


  • Apply the martial art disciplines.
  • Learn about the basic Taekwondo kicks.


  • Improve fine motor skills (cutting, glueing, folding etc).
  • Experiment with different materials and techniques with a focus on recycled items.

Pencil Sketching

  • Learn  about the foundational pencil drawing techniques(hatching, stamping, stippling, scribbling, contour lines etc).
  • Add tones and textures to refine drawings.


  • Develop an understanding of how to act out plots, dramatizing the problem, climax, and resolution.
  • Use the space and grouping, props to adapt to an audience.


  • Learn to recite verses from the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation
  • Understand the meaning of the verses.


  • Learn basic measures (length, weight and capacity).
  • Learn the importance of safety when dealing with food, utensils and appliances.
  • Learn the use of a peeler, grater and whisker.
  • Learn how to follow simple recipes.
  • Learn healthy nutrition practices.

Sewing/ Embroidery

  • Learn how to put the thread through the eye of the needle.
  • Learn basic skills for cutting fabric.


  • Develop cognitive skills such as attention, memory, critical analysis and decision making capability of students. 
  • To teach basic understanding of the rules, moves and tricks of chess, for beginning players.

Crossword/Word Search

  • Start with the beginner level and work through the challenges progressively.
  • Learn to apply different strategies to start, scan, and find the word.


  • Learn about the basic animation tools, techniques, vocabulary, and principles using specific software.


  • Explore, create and problem- solve in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.


  • Follow the steps and beats for better mind and body coordination.


  • Learn how to connect the mind and the body through movement and breath to release tension and anxiety.
  • Learn different yoga poses and their benefits to health. 


  • Learn to apply different strategies  to start and solve a puzzle(colours, designs, edge pieces etc.)
  • Learn patience, resilience and team work during the puzzle solving process.


  • Learn about the multiple formats of a debate.
  • Learn about the style, speed, tone, volume diction, and language used while debating.


  • Learn how to decoupage using different materials.
  • Apply the art of decoupage on different types of surfaces(metal, tin, aluminum, cardboard, wood or mdf , plastic, etc.).

Drawing on Glass

  • Learn the basic techniques of drawing on glass using specific steps, (prepare the surface, tape off the area, paint the glass, and cure according to instruction).
  • Learn about the different types of glass paint (chalk paint, spray paint, paint pens, and markers).


  • Learn about different cameras, lenses, and other accessories.
  • Learn and use different camera settings.
  • Know the basics of how to compose good photos(role of light and shadow).


  • Familiarize with the language using basic words.
  • Communicate in different context using French.

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