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Welcome to the Secondary School

Grade 6 – 12

Steve Lewis

Head of Secondary School
Welcome to the Secondary Section of ARKIS. Our aims are to give all of our students the very best academic results they can achieve and to teach the values and skills that we know are necessary for a successful and happy life. We focus on the potential of each individual and help them to attain more than they thought was possible through actively engaging with their own learning. We are highly ambitious for our students, and our teachers work hard to create an environment where we cater to the individual strengths and abilities that we know all of our children possess. Our curriculum and pedagogy are broad and diverse to suit the varied learning styles of our students and to give them opportunities to expand their horizons and explore new and challenging ideas.
The Secondary section is a busy, happy and friendly school where the learning journey for our students reaches new heights. You are most welcome to pay us a visit soon and see for yourself.

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