From the 2017 graduating cohort – Administration Assistant (IB) / Cross-Curricular Activities Coordinator at ARKIS


Yara Abdulhameed | Administration Assistant (IB) / Cross-Curricular Activities Coordinator at ARKIS
Law with International Relations, University of Portsmouth, Graduating Year: 2020

I started working at ARKIS in October 2020, but I graduated in 2017. I have been a student since I was in KG1. Needless to say, the school has always been my second home. I have made life-long friends and memories in every single hallway. 

Being an IB student,during my last two years in school, gave me a huge advantage when I started university. I was already used to the work intensity and pressure. I was able to organise my time and plan ahead. It is a skill that I still use today at work and in my daily life. 

If I had a message to my younger self, who would be stressing over his/ her university plans and deadlines as we speak, I would tell her to take a breath because life has a funny way to make things work out. To the current students, I would like to tell them to focus really hard on what they’re doing right now. When I was a student, it was difficult, but I didn’t go through it in the middle of a global pandemic. Take it one step at a time. All the stress will be over one day and it will all be worth it, I promise.

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